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CSR Management


Communication with the stakeholders

To understand and integrate all issues of concern to internal and external stakeholders, we conducted interviews and surveys and worked with the representatives of all the business units and the top managers of the operational teams to gather all the key issues and communication targets in terms of sustainable management.

The analysis of key issues

The interviews on key issues included the sales, R&D, purchasing, quality control, safety and hygiene, HR and finance departments. According to industrial trends and management requirements as well as stakeholder interaction, each department listed and discussed its key sustainable issues for 2012. After conducting the internal interviews, we analyzed the issues listed by each department and compared and contrasted them with issues of best consensus. In addition to the disclosure and response in the report, the analysis is also a basis for future related action.

Corporate social responsibilities committees

The Chicony corporate social responsibility committee is the highest authority controlling and executing CSR policy and is composed of high-level Chicony managers, as well as those of the subsidiaries, which assign CSR-related execution teams. The committee periodically reviews the Code of Conduct and the regulations. When there are new regulations, or practical need, revisions will be made.

Code of Conduct

【Chicony Group CSR Code of Conduct】has been established according to the SA8000 standard with reference to the EICC code of conduct. Its purpose is to enhance the Chicony employee’s understanding of good corporate operational methods and social responsibility. We hope employee conduct and impact on the natural environment and society will meet the ethical requirements for environmental protection.