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From the Chairman


To allpartners who support Chicony’ssustainable development:


Through the combined efforts of the management team and all employees, the Chicony Group has now became one of leading international electronic companies with sites in Europe, the Americas and Asia. As a member of the worldwide "Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition", "Chicony Electronics", a member of the Chicony Group, published its first corporate social responsibility report in 2012; the "CSR Code of Conduct" was subsequently passed by the Group Board of Directors in 2014 to demonstrate our commitment to CSR. This year, we decided to continue expanding the boundaries of our CSR disclosure by including our two affiliated companies,Chicony Power Technology and XAVi Technologies. By examining the sustainable corporate development issues under theGroup framework, we hope to refine our related management practices by making better use of the Group resources.


Based onour strength in R&D and innovation, the Group delivered an eye-catching performance in our existing computer peripheral and digital imaging products. We have now also set our sights on green energy, smart cloud and IoT(Internet of Things)by investing in photovoltaic converters, energy-saving LED lights and smart energy-saving lighting systems to follow through on our philosophy of green R&D. Apart from providing high value-added products and services to satisfy customer requirements, we also offerfriendlinesssolutions to environment. We will move into Chicony Group smart green energy building in the second half of 2015. The building is designed to be a green building that features dailyenergy-saving, site water retention, green energy and carbon reduction. All effort is made to reduce the environmental impact of its operation and help to keep our homeland green.


More than 35,000 employees are contributingtheir profession and dedication to the sustainable development of the Group every day.We have providedall Group partners with the best benefits and career development assistance, protection of labor rights, protection against over-working, and solutions for relieving mental and physical stress. Chicony Electronics and Chicony Power were both included in the Taiwan High Compensation 100 Indexby the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) in 2014. We were also named one of the Top 5 happiness enterprises in a comprehensive analysis conducted by the Economic Daily News


The Group actively supports and participates in various domestic and foreign social welfare activities to fulfill our CSR ideals. Our resources are directed along three main axes: "Health promotion and disease prevention", "Minority groups and charity initiatives", and "local community and emergency assistance". To build up the Group's talent pool and enrichour future R&D capabilities, we have expanded our  industry-academiccooperation with the National Taipei University of Technology ("Taipei Tech"). In 2013 and 2014 we donated NT$100 million to Taipei Tech for the construction of the "Chicony Teaching Building". The  "Chicony-Taipei Tech Laboratory" was also established under theconcept of "Researchin Taipei Tech, start up your career in Chicony group."  By providing the highest scholarships in Taiwan and partnering with university research teams, we strive for establishing a successful model for Taiwan industry-academicpartnershipand cultivating the future global competitiveness of the high-tech industry.


Reviewing the past 32 yearsof the Chicony Group, we workedwith all commnunitiesof society to create a sustainable value chain together. In addition to making a contribution to the economyof Taiwan, we have also made green innovation, employee care and social welfarelisted inour priorities in future corporate development. We hope the publication of this report will help our various stakeholders understand the efforts we have made in corporate citizenship and establish an effective communication , whether encouragements, criticisms and suggestions of the general publicare welcomed. We would like to make progress together towards the goal of building a better society and benefiting all mankindin the coming future. 

  Chairman Hsu, Kun-tai
  President Lu, Roger