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Unparallel R & D Expertise

A proactive, forward thinking and sophisticated engineering team ensures our capability in serving a new product ramp from concept, physical design, prototype, testing, certification, pilot run and finally market delivery. We remain vigilant to emerging technologies, ideas and trends and act swiftly to develop solutions that exploit these opportunities for the client's benefit. Our R&D unit is equipped with complete design, testing and verification capabilities - from EMC & RF testing to professional design verification that runs on our own firmware, software, to optical and ID design. It enables us to honour the customer's need in differentiating themselves in a dynamic market where low cost, short product cycle, and outstanding product efficiency are key to successes.

Absolute Quality Assurance

We believe "long-term partnership" is built upon confidence in quality assurance. At Chicony, quality enforcement is a decades-long tradition of zero defect. We pay extra care in every step of the product cycle, from design, manufacturing, delivery to after sales service because we believe to prevent is smarter than to cure. We employ the most up to date auto-testing equipment and software to ensure reliability. Proprietary equipment and software are also developed for customized testing. Continuous improvement is a way of life at Chicony, and we make sure our clients are involved in the process from day one.

Integrated Total Solution Approach Enhances Product Marketing

A well orchestrated teamwork defines the success of product marketing. Our integrated total solution approach effectively move products from concept to commercialization at breakneck speed. We are capable of delivering all the critical strategic competitive components including ID, performance, quality, cost, time-to-market, flexible supply, worldwide distribution, and service. Our team possesses the right experience and track record in implementing challenging projects, giving them the insight into aspects of technology and management concerns that spelled success for our customers.

Single Contact Window For Your Requirement - Project Management

We provide project management service for OEM customers, helping them manage on-going project and track its status. Leveraging the superior engineering and task management skills in house, our project manager coordinates multiple internal and external resources to transform customers' requirements into engineering outputs and deliver timely, cost effective project implementation. Working with Chicony, our clients are spared of unproductive stress, allowing them to focus on mission critical issues.

Global Logistics Network With More Than 20 Hubs

Chicony has established over 20 hubs across strategic regions in Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Ireland to ensure an effective time-to-market delivery. We have also built factory facilities in Taiwan and China. Our hub in Czech Republic is equipped with laser and tampo printing engineering capability. These full service hubs provide our customers the advantage of service efficiency, supply flexibility, timely time-to-market, and cost efficiency.